IMG_2408 copy

I Ate The Bun And Told No One, 2019


Bloom, 2019

IMG_2162 copy

Photography, 2019


Q-tip, 2019

IMG_2397 copy

Sunset, 2019

IMG_1854 copy

Floor, 2017

IMG_1051 copy

Drawing Of The Shadow Of A Palm Tree, 2017

IMG_8458 copy

Stance, 2016


The Higher You Aim The Hose, The Further The Water Reaches, 2016

IMG_9779 copy

Volgende Halte: De Lucht, 2016

IMG_9384 copy

Telefonica, 2016

IMG_7898 copy

My Friends Is Staying Over So I Bought Him Something To Sleep On, 2015

IMG_4641 copy

Gouden Gordijn, 2015

IMG_6910 copy

Maybe Fake’s What I Like, 2015